★ The Art of Krys Ferneyhough ★

more coming soon...


Hiya!! I'm Krys, a Trans NB guy originally from Puerto Rico, now living somewhere in Pennsylvania.

I like drawing things that make me happy. Usually cute and colorful characters, with maybe a little tiny bit of blood here and there ✌🤪💉

I enjoy creating tasty content that I myself would consume. It's been my life's goal to share my ideas with others.

Of course, being a depressed, melodramatic, melancholic, unstable, impulsive, mud goblin, it hasn't been easy.

But with the support of my friends, comfort of my pets and delicious validation of my followers, I've been able to move forward. I hope to continue growing as an artist.

Thanks for enjoying my wacky work.

For a full biography, go > here < .

Other usernames I've gone by: krystofire, rexkeu, ztaryoumi

⦕ 💖🐕💣🌻🍻 ⦖